• Project Recover

Project Recover is a collaborative effort to enlist 21st century science and technology in a quest to find the final underwater resting places of Americans missing in action since World War II to provide recognition and closure.

Project Recover is a public-private partnership to enlist 21st century science and technology combined with in-depth archival and historical research in a quest to transform the approaches to underwater search to locate aircraft associated with American servicemen still unaccounted for during wartime, to provide closure to families and recognition for the service members’ service to our country. More>>

Historical Analysis

Historical data obtained from the National Archives and veteran interviews are fused with survey data, modern satellite imagery, and flight trajectory analyses to narrow the underwater search regions around the world, and confirm loss locations and identify targets.


Technologies used by Project Recover include scanning sonars, high definition and thermal cameras, unmanned aerial systems, compressed gas diving, diver propulsion systems, and tethered and freely swimming underwater robotic systems.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and Project Recover personnel performing fieldwork in Palau.